About Me

I hold a Master of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. At UPenn, I built off of my undergraduate studies by examining international education. To complete my master’s thesis, I analyzed the political and social role of English as the language of instruction in provincial schools in the Philippines. Sponsored by the Linguistic Society of the Philippines, I conducted fieldwork throughout the Philippines, interviewing teachers, students, and faculty, as well as academics and political leaders.


I come from the small town of Webster in the state of New Hampshire, which is in the northeast United States. I received a BA in Classics from Brigham Young University, where I also minored in History. The Classics consist of the literature, language, and history of Ancient Greece and Rome, and has always been a passion of mine. At BYU, I was particularly interested in studying the reception of the philosophies of educators such as Socrates, Quintilian, and Petrarch in modern western education.


Besides ancient history, I enjoy traveling, gastronomy (which is a smug way to say I love trying different types of food!), Bruce Springsteen, and reading.


With students in Fuxin, China


Pyramids at Giza, Egypt


University of Pennsylvania Award of Excellence